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tv   America Live  FOX News  February 3, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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sharp tongue as the president's ear, white house chief of staff rahm amenual will have to do more than just apologize. he will bheet advocates for the disabled community after calling some of the president's supporters, quote, blanking retarded during a closed-door meeting back in august. as we first told you yesterday, new word of that comment came out this week, prompted a call from former alaska governor sarah palin for emanuel to be fired. he then called the head of the special olympics to apologize but that did not put an end to the matter. wendell goler is at the white house. where are we in this now? >> reporter: as you say, this incident occurred last august when the president was trying to get democrats to pass a health care reform bill and the coalition was fracturing with liberal
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groups threatening to run ads against republicans they felt were not supportive enough of the president's efforts. chief of staff rahm emanuel, the blunt-spoken chicagoan said the idea was blanking retarded, the "wall street journal" reported it last week and emanuel phoned special olympics ceo timothy shriver to apologize. he is meeting with the head shriver and other groups to try to move beyond the incident. megyn: we reported that yesterday, he had called tim shriver, issued an apology and the white house issued sort of a generic denunciation of that language and that we thought would probably be the end to it wendell but it's not, now we see this meeting at the white house with not just tim shriver but several representatives of special needs groups. what has been their reaction? >> reporter: a meeting was scheduled when we reported it yesterday. shriver says that emanuel's apology was heartfelt, but
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the issue is a sensitive one. there's even a website, www to try educate people about it with actor john mcginley, saying, quote, hearing the r word makes people with intellectual disabilities and those who love them feel less like valued members of humanity. as you noted former alaska governor and vice presidential republican vice presidential candidate and fox news contributor sarah palin, who is the mother of a special needs child, says emanuel's apology is not enough, she says he should be fired. there's no indication that that's going to happen, megyn. >> megyn: wendell, thank you very much. this story has not received much attention in the mainstream media but may come up during the white house briefing scheduled to begin any time. keep in mind the rahm emanuel meeting is at 2:00 p.m. eastern, we'll keep you up to date on both events. to watch the daily briefing
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by press secretary robert gibbs, see it live when you go to and get every question and answer from start to finish. so did you think health care reform was dead after the election of scott brown in massachusetts? think again. new word this morning or this afternoon the democrats are exploring a controversial measure to ram this bill through, despite its lack of public support. democrat charlie rangel who is chairman of the powerful house ways and means committee says that lawmakers have started writing a compromise bill on health care. the so-called reconciliation bill could eventually allow health care to pass by a simple 51 vote in the senate, a 51 majority vote would be all that's needed, so scott brown, is sort of irrelevant. wrangel thinks there's enough to get something passed he said in a march of weeks, this despite opposition from republicans and perhaps more importantly from a majority of americans. congresswoman alison ford, democrat from pennsylvania is advice chair of the house budget committee and she's
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my guest. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. megyn: let me begin with the latest polls, from one from mcclatchy and it shows 51 percent of americans now oppose the health care bill as it's been proposed in congress, just 37 percent support it. is it not now time to walk away? >> we've been working, as you know, for over a year, speaking a lot with our constituents and the american people on many of the -- many who know the details of the legislation, some who don't but what we know and hear every day from our constituents, whether it's individual families without insurance or with insurance but can't get coverage, or from businesses who say i would hire another employee but for the cost of health benefits, or for the government, and of course we're dealing with the budget right now, in terms of bringing down the long term decifit. we know the status quo is unacceptable and it's unsustainable. megyn: but if we accept that premise, and you know that,
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people want some sort of reform, which it seems they do, the question that i have for you is the polls seem to show they don't want the reform as you have it drafted, they don't like what you've come up with so far. is it not time to scrap that, walk away from it and start anew? >> as you know we've made modifications, we certainly have listened to constituents and the certain changes we've made, so when you talk to the american people about what's in this bill, of course, they've been told certain things that are simply not true, so we need to be clear with the american people that this will actually allow them to keep their employer-based coverage, they like the coverage, they get to keep t. if they find it's hard to buy insurance, they can pool small businesses and individuals together so they can better afford insurance. megyn: but what i hear you saying is that -- we've heard this from democrats, people don't understand it. if they just understood it, they'd like it, and you know, whenever you take that to the people they get a little offended. it's not that they don't understand it, it's that they understand it and they
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don't like it. they don't like the louisiana purchase, 300 million down to mary landrieu, they don't like the cornhusker kickback to ben nelson. that may be off the table but the 100 million to louisiana is not and what many people thought were bribes to lawmakers to get them on board are still in there. what do you say to that? >> we don't like that either. i'm no the house and not the senate. one of the things we have to do, the way to go forward is not to take the senate bill, because we do i think there are problems in the senate bill, we want to fix the problem with nebraska where nebraska got treated differently than the rest of the country. i agree that was not the right thing to do. so we do want to make changes in the senate bill, we were offended by it as well, and so we want to make some of those changes and are going to do that through a process that's been used numerous times in the last decade, 22 times, i'm told, by the previous administration, where we go with majority vote in the senate. the point here is that we do want to make some of those changes so that we actually
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are fair about the way we handle benefits for people who are employed, that states are treated fairly, and that we deal with the issue in affordability for the american people. megyn: sorry, in light of those poll numbers that show the majority of americans are against it, as it's currently crafted, you know, some people may be scratching their heads, asking whether you understand how the public feels on this. we have the scott brown election in massachusetts, which really seemed to many to signify a unification, even by some democrats and many independents, against the health care reform being proposed in congress right now, and when they hear you talk about sort of jamming it through with just 51 votes in the senate, many people feel like you're out of touch. how do you wond to -- how would you respond? >> one is scott brown said himself that he actually voted for and likes the health plan in massachusetts the federal legislation is very similar to that. megyn: he doesn't like obama's plan, he ran
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specifically against the health care plan proposed. >> maybe he did but maybe when he looks at the actual bill that he will have a chance to vote on, he would be open to voting for it because it's very much built on the massachusetts model, and 90 percent of the people in massachusetts have access to affordable coverage. megyn: but if you could just -- i'm running out of time, sorry to interrupt but if you could speak to my point of responding to peoples' concerns of jamming it through on a 51 vote in the senate. >> we won't, using your language, we will not jam it through, that we have taken almost a year, ten months and there have been many hearings, and even if we do mod -- modifications in the senate bill, which i think we should do as you pointed out and we will, is that that will be a bill debated on the floor, that will be a bill debated on the floor of the senate and fully discussed, and certainly that legislation we posted will be available to the american people, and then we will get to decide exactly how we should vote. of course we will work with the american people, we've made numerous changes in response to the constituents
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but what i hear americans saying, you just can't keep going the way it's going, increasing premiums, not enough -- not the kind of health insurance i expected, people going bankrupt, businesses not able to cover health benefits, the federal government not able to help with medicare. we want to take action and i think the american people want us to as well. megyn: congresswoman, thank you for coming on. president obama has again singled out las vegas with remarks that are not welcomed in nevada. when we come back, vegas mayor oscar goodman has a new response that likely will not be welcomed at the white house. plus, senator scott brown brought the sexy back to washington. when the world got a glimpse of the cosmo centerfold in his college days. but "america live" has learned the magazine has its sights set on a new centerfold, the man of the moment, who they want, up next, just ahead. ♪ if you think i'm sexy,
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tell me so ♪ megyn: this
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is a fox news alert for the very first time, attorney general eric holder, coming out with an admission that much of the nation had been wondering about. confirming that he was the one who made the decision to charge the so-called christmas day terror suspect in the civilian court system. there had been a lot of speculation about who decided to treat this abdulmutallab as a criminal in the regular civilian system as opposed to letting the military deal with him after he attempted allegedly to blow up a plane on christmas day. now we learn that indeed it was eric holder, that had been speculation, that it had come from the attorney general himself, although officials within the intelligence community and indeed the justice had not come out until now with that admission. now we know indeed it was our attorney general, and there will be some more on
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this as the day goes on undoubtedly. in the meantime, new developments now on a big new round of bonuses at aig. after taking more than $180 billion of taxpayer bailouts, aig said yesterday it has to pay out 100 million in bonuses in month alone. one hundred million in bonuses this month alone for its top managers. it says they are contractually owed. treasury secretary tim geithner, now proposing a new bank fee targeted specifically at aig, calling it a way to recover what he says is an outrageous new round of bonuses. >> some folks in las vegas, a little outraged over new remarks from the white house, the president took a bit of a dig at las vegas again during his town hall meeting in new hampshire yesterday. now the city of fun says it cannot give any love from this administration and are not giving any love back. rich is watching this from
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the newsroom. how mad are they in sin city? >> reporter: at a time when the president needs all the friends ce find he is enemy number one in nevada, even his close ally harry reid is calling for the president to lay off las vegas, this after the president's comments in new hampshire yesterday that seemed to urge folks to stay away from the casino town. listen. >> times are tough, you tighten your belts, you don't go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage, you don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you're trying to save for college, you prioritize, you make tough choices. >> reporter: well, if this were the first time he had taken a swipe at sin city maybe he'd get a pass but in february of '09 the president said the bailed out banks should not be going to vegas using taxpayer money there. after that comment, tourism officials said companies took the president's advice and canceled conventions and meetings in las vegas. the mayor is pretty ticked off. >> he has a real psychological hangup about
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the entertainment capitol of the world. and an apology won't be acceptable this time. i got to tell you this, and everybody says i shouldn't say it but i got to tell you the way it is, this president is a real slow learner. >> reporter: don't expect the president to be fronting any ads from the vegas strip any time soon, but the white house is said something needed to be said, releasing this statement from the president through harry reid's office, he says i was making the simple point that families use vacation dollars, not college tuition money to have fun. there's no place better to have fun than vegas, one of our country's great destinations. of course now the president is probably upset the tourism folks over in disney and times square and the grand canyon as well. megyn: you got to love it. i love veg yarks some of my best friends are from vegas, i gamble in vegas all the time. we'll see if he's welcome there any time soon. thank you rick. so gliewr. megyn: new polls showing worries for some of
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america's best-known senators, just ahead, why harry reid may need to be worrying his own reelection, maybe not so much what president obama says about vegas, also arlen specter, blanche lincoln, they could be looking for work. molly line is in litchfield, connecticut with a battle over something you probably thought was never controversial, yellow ribbons used to remember our veterans. molly. >> reporter: people 350e78 -- most people when they see yellow ribbons think it's a sign of support for our troops but in litchfield, they mark a dividing line between folks who want to see the ribbons and the board that oversees the town green, which would like to see him taken down. more on that coming up.
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mig controversy at the air
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force academy today, the folks there recently built what they call a moreship circle. it was built for practicing wickens and payingans but now we are hearing that someone came along and erected a large wooden cross at the site. the air force calls this a setback to efforts to promote religious tolerance there. there's a fight unfolding now in litchfield, connecticut, that you may not be, after some residents began tieing yellow ribbons to trees in the town center. you wouldn't think that's controversial. turns out, it is. the ribbons are to show support of our troops overseas and the town started taking the ribbons down, saying they're concerned about the trees. molly line, live in litchfield, connecticut with this one. molly, what? >> reporter: litchfield has long been a haven for u.s. troops dating back to the revolutionary war which makes this a little surprising but we are on the town green, this is where the battle is now over these yellow ribbons, the borough of warden and burris wants
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to bring down the ribbons and there are citizens who would like to keep them up. the board that oversees the greens could say the ribbons could proliferate, that the greens could be used for political speech and they're trying to preserve the -- to preserve the picture esp area in the town. >> what's wrong with yellow ribbons? >> then you might get green ribbons, we had a gentleman come to us and wanted to put up 3000 black ribbons. so there's the problem. everybody is going to want to put ribbons up. >> reporter: a number of the citizens would like to keep these ribbons up. they've been up for a number of years now, and they're fighting to do that. leslie karen has two family members serving in the air force, she's among those who would like to see the ribbons stay in place. here's leslie. >> i've got two kids in this fight, and so it hits very close to home. so i just appreciate all the men and women that are serving. i have a lot of friends whose children are serving
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right now, and i just think that they need to be represented in a very visual way. >> reporter: certainly this is an emotional issue here in the town, and tonight, there's a town meeting where possibly we could see a resolution to this made. megyn? megyn: so you got one guy on the board who's saying oh, you're going to have to put up black ribbons, yellow ribbons. how do the people in the town feel? >> reporter: you know, there's a real sense, first off, that these calls and e-mails they've been receiving from around the country accusing the town, the townspeople, the leaders of being unpatriotic so they've been trying to battle back against that and saying we are patriotic, we have veterans very ant, a memorial up in our town green and that the issue about the yellow ribbons should really come to a compromise. so there's a lot of frustration, strong feelings on both side but ultimately they want to see the resolution, the peace come back to litchfield. megyn: interesting, something that the yellow ribbon may stand for in many
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peoples' minds but we'll see how it pans out. molly, thank you ma'am. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: somebody who might have thoughts on this, you see them in the pm every night but not the daytime until now, bill o'reilly is live here, folks, he's actually leaving his studio in his office, which he never does, and he's coming into the studio. i will ask him when he does about his big interview with jon stewart tonight, is that appointment television? and much more. boy, do i have questions for him. it's o'reilly in the kelly zone. after scott brown got so much attention for a cosmo centerfold cover years ago, now there's one more senator that we'd so much like to see in the buff, we'll show you who we have in their sights when we come back. who do you think it is?
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megyn: welcome back, folks. what a pretty, pretty day in washington, d.c. as we look at white house, blanketed in snow. got a little of that here in new york city as well. but let me tell you, we are looking at this not because of the snow, but because there is quite a meeting that's going to get underway in about 30 minutes relating to this dust-up from sarah palin and rahm emanuel, he of course the president's chief of staff and made an ill-advised remark back in august, calling some people who disagree with some white house policy blanking retarded. rahm emanuel has since admitted he made that comment, it was just reported this week in the "wall street journal," and he called the head of the special olympics, tim
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shriver, to apologize, sarah palin called for him to be fired and now we see rahm emanuel meeting with the heads of several groups that represent the disabled or an advocate on their behalf, including tim shriver of the special olympics and i believe four other groups as well. they go to the white house in about half an hour, we'll watch it to see if any news comes out of that but that's the situation in the nation's capitol. in the meantime, there is this, a chilling new warning from our intelligence leaders, an attempted terrorist attack on u.s. soil is certain, they say, within the next 3-6 months. those words coming out during a senate hearing yesterday. today is the -- today it is the house's turn to evalue jait -- evaluate this threat and members of the intelligence committee are listening to testimony from the director of national intelligence, dennis blair. catherine herridge is following this closely, she's in washington with the details. good afternoon. what more did we learn about this threat to the united states? >> reporter: well, the hearing wrapped up about an
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hour ago, megyn. one of the basic principles here is that terrorism is like water, it takes a path of least resistance and you're dealing with a singing enemy and director blair told the panel today the al-qaeda of today will not be the al-qaeda of tomorrow. >> an extremist threat is evolveing, we've made complex multi-team attacks very difficult for al-qaeda to pull off. but as we saw with the recent rash of attacks last year, both successful and unsuccessful, identifying individual terrorists, smaller groups with short histories, using simple attack methods, is a much more difficult task. >> reporter: well, the recruits now are identified to members of congress as people who are young, early 20s, they have a very clean record, and there's a very compressed timeline for radicalization. the example i've been given is that an individual can make contact with a radical cleric, for example, the case of abdul -- the case of
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abdulmutallab and in less than a year's time they are radicalized sufficiently they're willing to carry out an attack on their own. megyn: catherine, you've covered national security for years for us. you hear that admission, the intelligence heads think it's certain within the next 3-6 months an attempted attack will take place. it's shocking to most people to hear that. what was your reaction to that? >> reporter: well, i think there are really a couple of assessments here. first of all, when those people speak publicly, they are speaking with a wealth of knowledge and the classified information which is not really available to us. so my analysis is that they believe another operation may very well be in the pipeline and they may be unable to stop it. so those statements give them some sort of insulation, if you will. but i think it also has the effect of reminding the panel members the degree of urgency that's involved, because one of the reasons they give these worldwide
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threat assessments every year is because it's for the money. and so they can fund their programs. megyn: right. >> reporter: so it's in their interest to convey a sense of urgency. i'm not saying they're overplaying it in this particular case but they certainly have information that we are not privy to though make those kind of claims. megyn: that's a good point, catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. megyn: you it think was bad for democrats in massachusetts after scott brown won the special election in massachusetts, new polls suggest what one analyst calls a potential blood bath for one democrat come november in the elections. for a fair and balanced debate about what we can likely expect, mary ann marsh, democratic strategist and former john kerry adviser and andrea santara, fox news contributor. good afternoon, ladies. >> good afternoon. megyn: this is so interesting to me, because here we are, it's several months out from november, but still, already they're polling like mad, they're trying to make projections like mad.
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and remarks does that surprise you we're this into this, this far ahead of 2010, the mid-term elections? >> the polling isn't atypical but it's the amount of polling being done so early. typically campaigns do polling a few months out and not at this level. this is bad news for the democrats. that is critical campaign cash that they're going to need to run ads closer to election day. now they're forced to spend it on polling. i'll tell you why they're doing it. look, the democratic party knows it's bleeding, they're just trying to figure out how badly it's bleeding. the white house is trying to get numbers of where the candidates are and when they start to see stinkers like they did with chris dodd, they're going to force them out. what does this mean with republicans? they don't want the sinker -- the stinkers to leave, they want them as candidates but they're going to be doing a lot of fundraising, polling, to see how much the candidates have. the nrcc estimates, this is big, over 120 house
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candidates only have a puny 120,000 cash on hand. megyn: mary ann, you look at the nous, if the republicans want to take back the house, they're going to need 40 new seats, they're going to need 40 wins and ten in the senate. we did the numbers according to larry sabato and scott russ messen and here's what they show -- rasmussen show, they've got four incumbents -- incumbents who are vulnerable, and the 4magenta, those are in danger, the three, boxer in california and others in indiana and wisconsin, those are possible, possible, could turn republican, on top of that, you've got several other states that are open that are projected to have republican wins. that could get us to 14. is that realistic? we could have 14 seats go republican in the senate? >> look, there's no question democrats are going to lose races in 2010. only two presidents haven't suffered mid-term losses in their first term, which are fdr during the depression
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and george w. bush after 9/11. the goal for democrats is to minimize those losses and the key is to win independent voters and energy guys the base. right now republicans have an advantage in that respect. democrats haven't seen the obama voters. the first time democratic voters that came out in 2008, you didn't see them in 2009 election, you certainly didn't see them in the 2010 elections with brown and coke lerks that's number one. number two, more importantly you've got to get the independents and the way to do that is not only emphasize reducing unemployment, you've got to reduce the decifit. that's what independents care about more than anything. for anyone to win these days you have to have the lion's share of independent voters. we saw that in massachusetts, you saw it in the 2009 fall electricals. that's the key to this election cycle. i look at some of those states, there are primaries there, in pennsylvania, you know, if ses tack wins that over specter, i give ses tack a better shot there. i think there are a lot of vary yanls here. democrats have to go on offense, obama is starting to put democrats on offense by fighting back and talking about the message, but the
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reality is voters are going to look for refocus from both parties and the democrats have to deliver. megyn: mary ann, if the key is independence as mary -- as mary ann points out, does president obama and the democrats win that argument given the budget we saw unveiled this week? >> absolutely not. look, obama's budget at 2015, megyn, doesn't even get us to pre-bush deficit levels, it gets us to $700 billion, and look, a few years out, 2020, we expect the decifit to bounce back up to $1 trillion. so you know, obama campaigned on balanced budgets, reducing the decifit. he can't even get it lower than george bush did. so mary ann is right about that. spending, the decifit, is very important, democrats are not going to be able to bring it down, but also what's important to independents is not having one party in total control. and i believe that the vote in massachusetts was not necessarily a vote for republicans, but a vote for balance. they don't like one party having the keys to the castle.
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so expect to see independents coming out against lots of -- lots of spending against washington, it's an antiincumbent, antiwashington climate out there and democrats are poised to lose. i think an understatement would be saying it's a blood bath, this is the equivalent of a nervous breakdown for the democrats. megyn: i don't see how president obama in your analysis and the democrats can turn things around before november. if the key is the decifit, we're not going to break the decifit by november. >> and people tend to hold the people accountable responsible in the party, whether it's fair or not. do you agree with andrea that your party may be looking at major losses come november? >> new york city i don't. i think if unemployment goes down and the decifit starts to go down, american voters are very realistic people, they don't expect in two years for obama to turn the decifit around after eight years of drunken spending by the republicans under george bush. so it took us eight years to get into this situation, they just want to see progress on it. the other thing is, it's all
1:38 pm
incumbents, not just democratic incumbents, all incumbents, that includes republicans. so independent voters and voters right now aren't in love with the republicans, either. so just saying no and not delivering isn't going to work. so i think if the democrats can help get the unemployment rate down, start to show a turn in the decifit, that's a winning combination, and i'll take that situation and those odds over the republicans, picking fights and not fixing problems. megyn: you know, there is one senator who could be potentially in trouble come november, who is in the news today for a very different reason. we found out, with this little item scwhrien, there's apparently a push by cosmo magazine to repeat its scott brown centerfold but this time not scott brown, this time apparently cosmo whants -- wants to see -- can you guess which senator they would like to have pose au natural? evan bayh? lady, any reaction? >> meggish -- megyn, no
1:39 pm
offense to cosmo, iewm night sure for scantily clad men the american people want to be looking to the u.s. senate but evan bayh is in a tough reelection campaign this year and i would have to say looking at polls in indiana, what's really going to get the voters thrills and get them hot and bothered are jobs, not seeing evan bayh in his s skivvies. >> i think cosmo might change their mind after the democrats called him out because of wearing sneakers with his suit. megyn: we reached out to evan bayh for a statement and he gave us one, i'm all for full disclosure but not the full monty. and we'll leave a at that. mary ann, andrea, thank you for being here. >> thank you. megyn: we are waiting for a white house meeting, it begins in 20 minutes as we mentioned, where the president's chief of staff has to mend fences with advocates for the disabled.
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after this break, we are going to have bernie goldberg about the lack of coverage this story is getting in the mainstream media. plus he'll weigh in on the president's new terror strategy and whether you can believe it. also you remember these pictures with the crowd going crazy for sarah palin back in 2008? just ahead, we'll show you polls out showing her, head to head, with other top republicans, including the president himself, and the results may surprise you.
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mig welcome back, everybody. we're almost 15 minutes before the top of the hour where at the white house there will be a tbhng white house chief of staff rahm eman yeal and a -- emanuel and a meeting with groups for the disabled. he used a derogative term about the disabled and he
1:44 pm
apologized, and there wasn't enough. now they are having a talk with rahm eman yeal about his language a. story that was first reported by the "wall street journal". he made the remark in august but the journal did not report it until this week. virtually nobody has picked it up. one of the questions we have is why not. we here on "america live" reported it yesterday but it's gotten scant attention from the rest of the media. some thoughts on that from fox news media analyst bernie goldberg, who is my guest now. hi bernie. >> how are you megyn? mig that's my question to you, if this had been karl rove saying this during the bush administration and there was a meeting of this sort at the white house, would the mainstream media have been giving it more attention? >> two points. yeah, they would have, because they don't treat republicans the way they treat liberal democrats. but as far as the underlying issue is concerned, i think this is crazy.
1:45 pm
i mean, he used the word "retarded". this political correctness is totally out of hand. totally out of hand. it's not a fundamentally bad word. i disagree with your characterization that it's a derogatory word. it's a word that people used to use that we're not supposed to use anymore. fine. but there's nothing inherently wrong with it. and he's not a bigot for using it. megyn: but he was using it in a derogatory way. >> this political correctness is totally out of hand. megyn: he was using it in a derogatory way, criticizing democrats for a strategy they unfolding, calling them -- was it a substitute for idiots, calling them f. retarded, he's clearly calling it -- people are disabled children say it's clearly hurtful and you should apologize. >> well, it doesn't bother
1:46 pm
me. i think this sensitivity is way, way out of control. but if people want to be hurt by things like this, they have every right to be hurt. i think it's crazy, though. megyn: you think the word police have gone too far? >> absolutely, i do, yeah. megyn: before we move on, let me ask you about that. is it up to the disabled to say that the term retarded is offensive? we did a story, i don't know, six months ago on how little people find the term mijits as equivalent to the n word now. is it up to them to tell us how to speak? >> advocacy groups can put as much pressure on anybody as they want and it's up to everyone to take it as they want it to june fold. midget is a bad word? midget, midget, midget. this is id es, it's crazy --
1:47 pm
idiocacy. harry reid uses negro instead of african-american, is he is a bigot? i'll bet you there are people cheering at what time saying. they don't always cheer what i'm saying, but i think they are this time. and it's just nuts. the sensitivity is out of control. megyn: all right, well, if you really are cheering, bernie, or if you're not, e-mail us at kelly at and i promise that i will forward them to bernie. but before we move on, the other thing we're watching at the white house this morning, bernie, is a message coming from the white house and you have been paying attention to the president's message specifically when it comes to the war on terror, saying he's been toughening it up a bit lately, something you say may be, what, a bit of an act? >> no, i think this would be funny if it weren't so serious. i mean, he starts out by deciding to prove to his
1:48 pm
so-called progressive base that he's one of them and makes the worst decision of his presidency. he's going to have civilian trials for terrorists in new york city. then the massachusetts results come n. and he realizes, whoa, we're out of sync with the american people, so he sends his press secretary out, not just anybody, but his spokesman out, robert gibbs, to say let me just read thank you quote very briefly, megyn, gibbs said khalid shaikh mohammed is going to meet justice and he's going to meet his maker. he will be brought to justice and he's likely to be executed for the heinous crimes that he committed in the killing and masterminding of 3000 americans, you can -- that you can be sure of so khalid shaikh mohammed is guilty before the trial begins and this somehow is civil liberties. eric holder, the together, says failure is not an option in these trials. what the heck does that mean? that only a guilty verdict is acceptable? when i was a kid, i'd go to cowboy movies and there was always one guy who would
1:49 pm
speak to the crowd to catch a cattle reduceler or something and he'd say we're going to give a fair trial, then we're going to hang him. that's what these guys are doing. listen, i'm not supporting cold blooded killers, i want to make that clear, but how do you call yourself a civil libertarian when you're trashing civil liberties? megyn: he hasn't been called out on that by anybody on the left, they don't seem upset with the fact that he's using that language. >> exactly. i find that very interesting, too, you're absolutely right about that. megyn: we'll be watching it to see how the president's message changes and in ten minute, this meeting at the white house, which bernie goldberg says is all for naught. it's kelly at fox news.cole. bernie goldberg, thank you sir. >> thanks megyn. megyn: big news for sarah palin, a new poll pits her against a potential republican field and we will show you how it all lines up, including palin versus obama. coming up right after the break. also putting a new kind
1:50 pm
of reality in political advertising. stay tuned.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
megyn: and you thought political races got ugly in washington. take a look at what's happening in the new orleans race for coroner, yes, covering the new orleans race for coroner. why? the lone challenger to the long time parish coroner is throwing a low blow to his contender, so low it now gets national attention, accusing the incumbent coroner of organ theft! roll it. >> it's unconscionable, body parts stolen out of the coroner's office, families filled with grief, lawsuits and settlements at
1:54 pm
taxpayers' expense. >> egore! yes, doctor. >> i need a heart, a liver. megyn: can you believe? [laughter] megyn: the incumbent coroner says this refers to a very old scandal, but the challenger claims the ad is not misleading and the coroner says look, his office has dropped the lawsuit alluding to the whole org began dealing thing. -- organ dealing thing. apparently they were taking bones and who knows. they hope the controversial commercial will work in his favor. we'll keep you updated at america's election headquarters. speaking of which on to actual election news you might care about, 2010 might seem like way off but the game' politics is always being played and the clock is ticking now. it appears former alaskan governor turned vp candidate sarah palin may be an early gop presidential frunt
1:55 pm
runner. look at this new poll from the daily host, research 2000, obviously a liberal polling organization, and we are just showing you the top three presidential contenders here. as you can see, she is right now five points ahead of former massachusetts governor mitt romney. carl cameron is on this in chicago. all right carl, so do i accurately characterize the pollsters, this is the daily host? >> i'm still work on mortuary metaphors. megyn: can you get over it? egor! he pulls out an actual liver that he pulls out, and their running this ad! >> i want to go to new orleans and cover that race. no, it's not too early for polls on 2012. this particular poll is by research 2000, a nonpartisan group, but daily coast is one of the most liberal blogs on the web so certainly people who bought it are very liberal. sarah palin is reading the polls, she is certainly one of the most prominent, well-known republicans since the 2008 presidential election and that's a bit of
1:56 pm
what's going on here. the poll was a poll of republican voters and the fact that she's ahead of romney, gearing up to run, and vice president chaik -- cheney who says he's not going to run and ahead of people like newt gingrich who is considered one of the big idea guys in republican politics, talks about palin's ability to inspire republicans. there was another aspect of the poll who asked republicans who they think is best qualified for the job, president obama or sarah palin and it was basically an even split, about 50-50, which is interesting because that means about half of republicans would make the argument i guess that barack obama is more qualified than sarah palin, the republican vice presidential nominee, who is tremendously popular right now. do you believe palin is more qualified than the president, 53 percent say yes. megyn: before i let you go, does it tell us much? because it's republicans. is it a shock they like sarah palin? doesn't matter from per -- doesn't it matter what the
1:57 pm
independents and democrats think? >> it does matter because it's a matter of name recognition, it's who republicans are looking to for leadership at a time when the republican party realizes leadership they need desperately to take over the absence of it on the democratic side. megyn: carl cameron will cover that election this coming season. thank you very much, carl. in the meantime we told you about this yesterday just around the same time, drop the fork, step away from the salad, step away. dr. marc siegl has the bottom line on packaged lettuce and the warning you simply have to hear. you have to hear it. do not eat that lettuce until we talk. plus bill orilely and glen beck have been on the road and bill o'reilly is here live.
1:58 pm
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to control my diabetes, to stay healthy - and get on with my life. it comes from liberty medical. and now, it's not only where i get my diabetes testing supplies - but it's where i get my prescription drugs as well.
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see if you're on medicare, the cost of your diabetes testing supplies as well as your prescription drugs may be covered. liberty takes care of all the paperwork with medicare and sends the prescription forms directly to your doctor for approval. then, on your schedule, packs up this box and sends it right to your door with no charge for shipping. and liberty assures you have everything you need to manage your diabetes, including most brand name meters. call now and we'll send you a free meter. plus, a free cookbook when you join. call liberty. they can help you live a better life. call the number on your screen. megyn: welcome back. president obama with a challenge for republicans. he has a plan to turn america
2:01 pm
around, then, quote, show me what you got. i'm megyn kelly. this is "america live." you heard president obama talking to two audiences. a hall full of average americans and the opposition party back inside the beltway. >> i have said to the republicans. show me what you got. you have been sitting on the sidelines criticizing what we are proposing. megyn: a few minutes later the president said this. >> here is my thing. you got a better idea? bring it on. but what i will not do is to stop working on this issue because it is the right thing to do for america, and you need to let your members of congress know they shouldn't give up, they should keep on pushing to make it happen. megyn: the president's call is clear. he wants to hear from the opposition. he says he wants bipartisanship. but is he going to get it in
2:02 pm
mike pence is my guest now. good afternoon. >> welcome back. megyn: thank you so much. the president says he's committed to bipartisanship. are you going to give it to him? >> yes. we invited the president to our house republican retreat. it ended up on live television across the nation. we presented to him then a compendium available of all the republican alternatives that we had offered on economic stimulus, on budget, on energy, on healthcare reform. so i have got to tell you i'm mystified to hear the president heading out to the country yesterday and saying, i told them, show me what you got. excuse me, mr. president, we just showed you what we got. you repeatedly acknowledged we have been offering solutions. and it just gets a little bit frustrating when the president on friday is acknowledging the republicans have been offering
2:03 pm
positive alternatives, and by early this week he's back to essentially acting as though he's still waiting for to us come up with stuff. megyn: he says he's frustrated. he says, can't i get any reaching across the aisle? he points to cap and trade. he points to the stimulus where he didn't get any republican support. he points to the healthcare bill where he says he didn't get virtually any republican support. he says you are making it difficult for him to get anything done because you are not reaching across the aisle. >> bipartisanship doesn't mean giving republicans the opportunity to vote for democrat bills. it requires not reflectively s saying no to every republican proposal then turning around and pretend like the republicans didn't make any proposals at all. you heard the administration for the last year telling the american people what liberals are the hill have been telling
2:04 pm
the american people, we are the party of no ideas. the president acknowledged repeatedly friday in baltimore at at republican retreat that we have offered ideas. but it's frustrating to me that now we are back to that same tired rhetoric. he said bring me the ideas. well, at gop go go gop -- at go- megyn: he invited you to the white house. he invited you to camp david. it seems like an olive branch. are you going to take it? i'm an indianapolis colts fan so i'm going to the super bowl. i'm not going to the white house. we welcome the dialogue. it was our idea to invite the president to come to the republican retreat. but bottom line, talk is cheap. i mean, it wasn't just the house
2:05 pm
republicans that opposed the failed stimulus plan, the government takeover of healthcare. the broad majority of the american people opposed those things. until this administration begins to demonstrate a willingness to step away from these big government scheme, higher taxes, more deficits, more debt, then all we'll be doing is talking when the american people would like us to be trying to listen top each other and find those areas of common ground that we can pursue in the best interest of the united states. >> when i listen to you talk, i think, they are at loggerheads. they are at a stalemate. you will never bend on president obama's healthcare and cap and trade ambitions. that's what your voters want, for you not to bend. and he's not going to bend on some of the things you want. he's not going to let the bush tax cuts stay in place. he's not going to make massive cuts like some of the republicans want in certain spending areas.
2:06 pm
what's going to get done for the american people. is this how we have to live. nothing happens while both parties fight it out on capitol hill? >> we are not going to got wrong thing. house republicans will continue to oppose policies that will drive our economy further in the tank and increase deficits and burden of debt on our children and grandchildren. first do no harm. we'll fight in a principled way as opposition on capitol hill. if the democrats on capitol hill and if this administration will recognize its not just house republicans that don't want their government takeover healthcare. it's not just house cup cans that -- house republicans that don't want the healthcare tax and the stimulus policies of passing out government spending and boutique tax cuts. if they recognize it's the american people who don't want those things. the president can come our way. we have ideas based on limited
2:07 pm
government and personal and fiscal responsibility. if the president wants to look at our proposals that resonate with the broad mainstream of this country, we can achieve policy. but republicans are going as you suggest to continue to fight on principle on behalf of the american people against all this big government spending, deficit, debt, bailouts and takeovers. megyn: congressman mike pence, always a pleasure. thank you for being here. this is a fox news alert. a meeting at the white house between chief of staff rahm emanuel and special olympics ceo tim schriver. the reason behind this meeting, two words. two words that rahm emanuel used to describe some of the president's supporter with whom he was not happy, calling them, quote, blanking retarded. sarah palin has called for him
2:08 pm
to lose this job. he called timothy schriver to apologize. they are supposed to be meeting face to face. as we learn more about what happened at that meeting we'll update you. in the meantime we would like to hear from you. do you agree with bernie goldberg that this is an example of political correctness run amok? email me, kelly@ the state department in just the last hour saying no talks have taken place on the possibility of a prisoner exchange with iran. iranian guards arrested three american hikers at border back in july. since then they have been behind bars and they have not been able to speak to their family. but mahmoud ahmadinejad says he has offered to free them with the united states releases several iranians held in this
2:09 pm
country. what exactly is ahmadinejad proposing? >> the offer was made during an interview last night on iranian state president with mahmoud ahmadinejad. the premise is this. the three american hikers who strayed across the border between iraq and iran last july were arrested by iranian authorities, they are being held by iran continues that time. well, -- by iran since that time. they will be swapped for 11 iranians held by the united states. we talked to a spokesperson for the families. the spokesperson said no comment. but gave me the sense they have used their relatives used time and time again for prop began a purposes by iran -- for propaganda purposes by iran. p.j. crowley says we do not see an equivalent between the three hikers and the iranians referred to. we did a quick check on the
2:10 pm
iranians and we can see why. four of them have been arrested, tried and convicted on espionage charges. two of them appear to be high-level defector toes to the united states. for 12 years parents have been agonizing over a possible link between autism and childhood vaccines. now the studies that sparked these fears is sparking a new controversy. a fair and balanced debate on that. bill o'reilly live on set with me, three minutes away. i go on his show and he fires questions at me. he interrupts me at times. he's coming out here. wait until you see what happens. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food.
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he's one of the most outspoken critics of fox news. but what happens when a liberal late-night funny man sits down in the no-spin zone. comedian jon stewart hosted "the daily show" facial off with the one and only bill o'reilly. schash of the titans -- clash of the titans tonight on bill o'reilly. i didn't write that. >> someone else wrote that for you? where's hemmer? did somebody kidnap him? megyn: my friend hemmer is still at 9:00. you are the two bills i most enjoy aggravating. since i don't get to do it with hemmer i have to focus on you. this is exciting having jon stewart come into the no spin zone. are you nervous in he's pretty
2:15 pm
tough. >> am i nervous at all? i have known stewart for a while. we have a good banter between us. tonight will be no exception. i was surprised -- they called us. and i said sure. i like stewart in the sense that he's very witty. i don't think he's mean spirited though he can get carried away. i don't like the way he cuts his clips up and takes them out of context. i'll have to talk to him about that tonight. but he's an interesting guy, smart guy. megyn: my brother says he enjoys watching jon stewart until he sees him making fun of me. >> no one on should be allowed to do that. there shut be a statute. no kelly mocking. megyn: you can take that lesson yourself. let' get to the best mocking. you and glenn beck go on the bold fresh tour.
2:16 pm
why? what inspired this? >> i hadn't been across the country in a while. i decide i need to get out and seat folks and talk to the folks. i'll drag beck along because he wants to be accepted. and i figured i would drag him along. megyn: it was your idea? >> it was my idea. but it turned into a phenomenon. we sold out everywhere we go. it's more commentary in an entertaining way. in tampa we had 18,000 people there. the town was going crazy. in charleston, south carolina, another 8,000. megyn: you have got the most popular show on cable tv. >> i different presentation went on -- megyn: what do you get out of that? >> i get a feeling for what's going on in the country. i learn a lot. when i was in charleston, south
2:17 pm
carolina, i walked around the town, talked to the folks. megyn: how do you walk around town? >> hat, glasses. megyn: you are so tall, people recognize you. they love you or hate you. does that happen everywhere you go? >> pretty much. if i stay in the background and keep walking -- i don't mind that, everybody is nice. the worthiness of this effort is you get out to place like tampa, south carolina, virginia, we are going out to l.a. in a couple weeks. and you get to talk to people face to face, eye to eye and that helps me in my commentary. megyn: i go on your set a couple times a week, and i get tons of email from people saying what you tell him to stop interrupting you and stop interrupting these other guests. >> then we would have to do a telethon.
2:18 pm
megyn: i have points to make. then you interrupt me and you fill in the blanks. >> people don't understand this is a computer generated time system here. so if you go through the time, you are off the air. bang. you just disappear. so i have got to regulate the segments. they usually run 5, 6 minutes. people tend to wander. megyn: that's not me. >> the real reason i interrupt you is you are much smarter than i am. and i have got no rebuff. that'sy interrupt. i don't want you to make me look bad. megyn: i love it it's on tape. why do you always call me and other guys on the show about it last name? >> if i call the guys by the last name. in my neighborhood growing up everybody had a last name. my mother called me billy. but there is dignity in last
2:19 pm
names. anybody can be named tiffany. but the last name says something about you. it's the way we do it in new york. i'm a new yorker. we call people by our last names. megyn: i don't find offensive. i like the. i'm amazed you came on this show live and you came into this studio. this is the first time you have been to this studio. >> why would i come here? i'm working. by write the show. i have stuff to do. i'm not in makeup for three hours, not that you are. but some of them are. i'm working. all right? why would i wander around the 12th floor? for what reason? it's free food. there is. >> there are little muffins. >> the factor is a program that we don't have any writers. it's me. we just do it, and that's why it's an authentic program.
2:20 pm
megyn: bill doesn't carry around a blackberry. he sits at home and thinks. >> if you have ma signs going off every few minutes, i do have to do the that. is this your show now? megyn: why don't you come back every wednesday. >> i would like to. i don't know if i can. you should juggle. for two hours we should have different kelly looks. change of clothes. a chair. >> i was just over there. now i'm sitting here. >> you are staying fit. i just sit there. i don't do anything. it's basically me. congratulations to you, kelly. you know the reason you got this is because of your appearances on the factor. megyn: is that what it is? he says nobody knows from that
2:21 pm
dopey morning show. >> it's not hemmer that did it. i think it's going to be a big success. megyn: we'll see you 8:00 p.m. eastern time, are *-stewart showdown. for anyone who has children or ever will, you have got to see this debate. we have both sides and it's five minutes away. a major spike in robberies on our nation's highways. brian wilson has more on that you wouldn't believe how many of the big rigs on the road are getting pulled over and robbed, the cargo taken. i'll have more on that story when we come back. @=h
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
megyn: next time you see a truck pulled over by the side of the
2:25 pm
road, it may not be a driver catching a nap. there is a huge upswing in theft involving big rigs. you know who ultimately pays the price when consumer goods get ripped off? brian wilson in savage, maryland. how big is the problem. >> it's pretty big. this is a refrigerator. but imagine this filled with consumer electronics. that one truck could be worth $500,000. and the criminals are figured this out. they have taken strong when the drivers pull off to the side of the road to get a bite to eat. >> the organized groups will conduct surveillance of distribution centers and they will actually know what's being load on the truck. they will follow the truck for a certain period time until they get the opportunity to steal it. >> in 2009 about a half billion
2:26 pm
in cargo was stolen from trucks. sometimes the trucks themselves were stolen. that's up 67% from the previous year. megyn: how do the shippers fight back? >> they are putting tracking devices inside the cargo. but the criminals are also pretty smart. so once they steal a load of cargo they take it off somewhere and let it sit for a day to see if the police show up. if the police don't show up, they come back later and move the cargo into their own truck and distribute and sell it. >> very clever and criminal. thanks so much. there may be a dirty little secret inside your salad. what you don't know that could turn your stomach. as i promised, we'll get you this story today it was a study that rocked the medical world. autism linked to childhood vaccinations back in 1998. now several years later
2:27 pm
researchers pulling a 180. >> for any medical journal to retract a research stuffed irthere is likely fraud involved, so it's a very bad thing for parents to decide not to use the vaccine. if the overwhelming evidence is no vaccines are related to autism.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
megyn: fox news alert. breaking news out of massachusetts. senator he select scott brown will be sworn into office tomorrow. we have learned that brown has sent a letter to both the governor and the secretary of state in the commonwealth of massachusetts asking them to quote certify without delay the results of last month's election. the governor we are told is planning to certify the results tomorrow morning and scott brown is expected to take the oath of office by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. more on that tonight on "special report with bret baier." it was a study that terrified millions of parents. a study that suggested vaccinating your children increased their risk of developing autism. now it turns out that study should never have seen the light of day. the british journal retracting the 1998 research paper that linked autism and vaccines. >> what we are seeing is a
2:32 pm
resurgence of these diseases these vaccines protected against. i see patients just this past week that delayed the mmr vaccine in their children or are not vaccinating their children because of fever autism. megyn: does this put an end to the argument that vaccines may cause autism in children? this is such an important debate. parent are so worried about this and there are such strong opinions on both sides. mark blackwell, i'll start with you. i know you have got some things to say about the retraction of this report which had so many people thinking that there was a link between autism and vaccines. a link you say may well be the there. >> first i need to correct you about what the study said.
2:33 pm
it never claimed that mmr caused autism. it reported on a case series of children who regressed with symptoms and had a diagnosis of autism. it's a novel report. one that has been replicated. there were other studies that found similar things in children. most important to understand, parents all over the world have found this same pattern in their children. my child regressed into autism. as she was showing horrible gastrointestinal symptoms. the notion that this study is not valid. the notion that it hasn't been replicated. that's false and we need to understand that. megyn: dr. siegel you say it's much, much bigger than mark suggests. >> the first part of this shouldn't dealt with in "kelly's court" *. dr. wakefield was a consultant
2:34 pm
for a lawyer of parents with a child with autism. it almost never retracts a study in the journal. study was not scientifically ideal. it was not a good study and multiple studies since then have discredited it. the issue of peaceles. there is an -- the issues of measles. we need at least 95% vaccination to have an effect. measles is up to 1,300 cases. it has a 30% rate of complications with it. vaccines causing autism, that's been discount in study after study. this is shotgun science.
2:35 pm
measles is a big threat to us. megyn: there have been many scientific studies that say there is no link between autism and vaccines. >> we all need to calm down and ask a more basic question. the issue isn't measles. i'm not afraid of measles. i have a child with autism. if you ask any parent if they are more worried about measles or autism, it's a slam dunk. a recent study came out, we know autism rates are one in 110 children. in some states it's 1 in 50 boys. that's 2% of boys today. autism is a lifelong disabling condition. they will be dependent for their entire lives. it has to be caught -- just a
2:36 pm
couple decade ago we saw autism rates 1 in 10,000. now we are seeing 1 in 100. there has to be something going on in the environment causing this emergency. and when it comes to causation. it's complicated. none of us knows exactly what's going on. there may be foxins in the environment -- there may be fomay betoxins in the environme. we have seen an explosion to unprecedented levels. we studn't take anything off the -- we shouldn't take anything off the table. >> we do have a tremendous increase in autism. they did a huge study in europe that showed that the rate of autism continued to increase. i agree with him it's due to something in the environment and genetic practice. if we waste all our time on
2:37 pm
vaccines we won't have the science to find out what's really causing this. measles is still one of the number one killers in the world. it's only not a big killer in the united states because of the mmr vaccine. megyn: you have no questions in your mind if you are advising folks with young children that they should get the vaccines their doctors recommend. >> i believe jon strongly in th. megyn: i encourage you to go online and check it out at i promised my viewers this for two days and i have got to get to the lettuce problem. dr. siegelle. what the heck is yong with pack -- what the heck is wrong with packaged lettuce. >> the food handlers are not being clean enough. you should see the conditions in these factories.
2:38 pm
we are introducing this bacteria where the food is being grown. you mentioned yesterday what has to happen. if you are going to buy packaged lettuce and not grow your own, you better wash it very carefully. megyn: "consumer reports" says bacteria common inkayer toes o of -- common indicators of feelingal bacteria. >> i believe in "consumer reports" fair and balanced as we are. you should get the lettuce that is not close to its expiration date and grow your own. megyn: i live in manhattan. >> out on the farms we should grow our own. in manhattan let's try to buy fresh lettuce and wash it as much as possible. megyn: if you buy it within oner
2:39 pm
two -- one or two days of the ex-per peof theexpiration date. i eat salad every day. i'm going to eat the fecally contaminated lettuce. we are all going to do it. she took her own life after unrelenting abuse by girls online. now this outrage over the death. the tormenting teens not punished in any meaningful way for their behavior. should they face criminal charges? and should the school be held accountable? >> some of the bullies are still walking the hallways acting proud. >> i saw the sun come up this morning. phoebe didn't. >> these individuals need to wear a yellow smock that says bully on it and be escorted from class to class.
2:40 pm
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
>> 16 minutes away. shepherd smith takes over on studio b it's like a parade of stars today. >> i don't want poopy in my salad. i eat cookies. megyn: you know you are going to eat the crab salad. god knows what has gone in there. >> i try to avoid green, leafy things. we are going to have a journalist on from haiti in the next hour. she has spoken with this group of i guess they are missionar missionaries, and the more we read on this, on the surface, the evidence seems to suggest at this moment these people just went over there and took these kids. >> they were trying to help. >> i'm not saying their intentions were bad. they went over there and took some children from and orphanage without any paperwork or anything. god told me to do it. this could be a mess.
2:44 pm
unless there is something we don't know. megyn: and there are charges as a result. >> if somebody came from haiti and took our orphans -- i kinds of get it. john madden is live on studio b. did he travel by bus? >> he will not travel any other way. he will talk about fay on manning and -- he will talk about peyton manning and the saints. i love john madden. megyn: i'll be watching, my friend. thanks for being here. shepherd smith 15 minutes away. kelly's court is back in session. help is a fan. on the docket today, suicide after relentless torment by a gaggle of cybersnobs. investigators issuing subpoenas to facebook. phoebe took her own life last
2:45 pm
month shortly after moving to massachusetts from ireland. friend say she was brutally bullied by a tight knit group of girls both online and at school. the bullies have been suspended but that's all. should they be charged as criminals and can the family sue the school? good afternoon. >> hi. megyn: this is like another me megan meyer. she wound up hang herself and her little sister found her hanging in a closet. can anything be done about it? can the girls be charged as criminals? >> absolutely. they can look at harassment charges. there are no cyberlaws. it's going to be passed. there is harassment laws and you are right. it was such relentless teasing.
2:46 pm
this little girl was pushed to the brink. she came here from another country. freshman in high school and she gets tormented like this. what's worse is the school knew about it. this evidence that the school knew it and had counselors talk to these girls to no avail. megyn: we have the story of these horrible young girls that put here through this torture. her crime was she was a freshman and she dated a cute senior which ticked off the mean girls online calling her a slut. they threw an energy drink as they were driving by in a car. she wound up killing herself. can anything be done to them? can they or should they be charged in any way criminally. >> they probably will be charged with harassment. if they were in new york they would be charged with harassment
2:47 pm
because we do have laws on the books that prevent that. when we were in school bullies use their fists. now they use their fingers. their bullying has tentacles. where do you point the finger. do you point to the bully's parents? or the victim's parents? you have to stay on top of your children because they are getting bullied on their phones and computers. it's everywhere. where do you pass the buck. megyn: there is a first amendment argument that people are allowed to be jerks, to put it kindly. they are allowed to say mean things and do mean things. that's one of the unfor the that down sides. should we be putting a stop to it? >> it' not unfettered. there are parameters to the first amendment. someone comes into the room and says fire, fire, this no fire, they will be criminally responsible. megyn: but meanness? >> it goes much beyond that.
2:48 pm
it was cruel, it was threatening and it caused a harm. it was the proximate cause why the girl took her life. megyn: were you bullied? >> i wasbrutally bullied. those scarves don't heal. i don't think this is new to the generation. the tentacles are longer with the facebook and the texting. it happens to a lot of girls and they don't take their own lives. >> can you blame the bullies for the suicide? >> i don't think you can take it that far. we'll probably never take it that far. can when blame them for being mean? but then how much is too much. if they do it once a week is it too much? we can't take the leap from being a bully and being mean to causing somebody's death. it's not like she was on a ledge and they were yelling jump.
2:49 pm
megyn: should the school face liability? they should have stepped in. but should they face liability for not doing more to stop it? >> in this case there is evidence they knew there was trouble and they had counselors speak to them. they knew there were threats being made. they should have stepped in. it's amazing they didn't. lots of schools around the country have seminars and talk to the kids about the dangers of bullying each other. they did step in here and that's why they have the duty to protect our children. when we drop our children off at school, they are there for 40 hours a week. megyn: thanks so much. one final word for our viewers. these bullies were merciless to these girls. they ought to be publicly shamed. the little girls who are so terrified about being bullied that they bully others. don't. just stop.
2:50 pm
take the high road. you will be glad you did for the rest of your life and help your friends do the same. we'll be right back. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus. mmmmmm. mmmmmm.
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>> megyn: you heard dr. marc siegel talking about. shepard smith was talking about, everybody's talking about it. our salads are not as clean as we would like them to be. that's putting it charitablely. the fda is taking a closer look at the produce coming in the country. anita vogue voguele is with the. where are you and what is happening? >> hey there. i'm in a mobile food safe lab. it belongs to the fda and its on the border and a very busy place.
2:54 pm
look behind me. these microbiologists are they are looking for specific things, pathogens like deadly strains of e. coli and salmonella. we know they have caused major problems before. one of the interesting things about this lab is the time savings here. normally it takes 3-7 days to get these test results back. but with this mobile lab because it's right here on the border they can get their answers in about 24 hours. tony morales is the chief microbiologist of the lab. why is this time-saving element so important. >> it saves lives. the fda mobile lab has the capability of analyzing a high volume of samples right at so we're able to ensure the sample is safe for food con contamination and it gets to the
2:55 pm
marketplace so citizens feel safe they're eating food free from contaminants. >> megyn they're ketting for things like e. coli and salmonella but they have the ability to test for anthrax and ryeasin. there's only one mobile food lab working but the fda hopes to get more funding from congress to funding from congress so they can build more. megyn: apparently they need more and they need to work harder. we are all eating the crap salad. >> they are working hard here. coming up next on studio b you will get a live report from haiti on those mission airies trying to take the orfans out of haiti. they claim it was all a misunderstanding. @=h
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
>> megyn: i said i would never do it but i've done t i'm to know twitter. i have no idea how to tweet but maybe you can tweet me. >> the news begins anu. new information on american missionaries held in haiti on suspicion of child trafficking. a pastor claims he gave permission to take 33 children and is speaking out. >> the assistant secretary of state seeking out. >> problems with a hybrid prius, the specific issue and what the white house says. arrest in the murder of a lottery winner in florida. an acquaintance admits she helped hide the body but says, quote, i didn't kill the man. she blames that on her 14-year-old son. the suspect speaks out in an interesting news conference. that's a


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